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Tongxiang Xintuo Knitting Co., Ltd.

About Us

Tongxiang Xintuo Knitting Co Ltd.

Tongxiang Xintuo Knitting Co Ltd. is established by the investment from Xinhua Cashmere Co.Ltd Which was founded in 1985 .lt is located in Chongfu Town.Tongxiang City.  geographical location and convenient transportation. 

It specializes in the fabric development and sales . The main items include single jersey, spandex single jersey, minor -cycle color-stripes, large-cycle color-stripes, linen single jersey, fleece rib, spandex rib, prints, gilt cloth, burnt-out fabric, double-faced fabric, jacquard cloth, pique mesh fabric, etc.

The main production equipments include the Singapore Lida knitting single -faced machines unit, Taiwan Bushuo knitting double-faced machines unit and Taiwan Aotu six -color automatic color changing knitting machines unit.


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